Food ordering

Experience the future of food ordering with Dineout Food Orders! Our robust and user-friendly booking engine seamlessly integrates with restaurant websites, offering multiple payment options, including Apple Pay. For those with our POS system, enjoy the simplicity of managing menus all within the Dineout ecosystem. Plus, restaurants can maximize their food ordering sales as their food ordering site becomes visible to customers of the Dineout marketplace.

Core selling points

Seamless website integration

Dineout Food Orders offers an effortless, integrated booking engine that fits seamlessly into restaurant websites, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly ordering experience.

Diverse payment options

Customers can choose from various payment service providers, including the convenience of Apple Pay, enhancing their ordering convenience.

Unified POS and food ordering

For restaurants using our POS system, streamline your operations by managing menus and food ordering all in one place within the Dineout ecosystem, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

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