Point of sale

Our POS system is designed to streamline restaurant operations and maximize efficiency. With an intuitive interface, servers can quickly input orders, split checks, and process payments, while managers can track inventory, manage staff schedules, and generate detailed reports.

Menus Splits Customers

Stunning Menu Displays

We've transformed the way menus and products are showcased—picture dazzling visuals of dishes that virtually come to life on the screen. Effortlessly navigate through multiple menus, enabling your staff to add items to orders with a few simple taps.

Bid farewell to menu navigation complexities and welcome a streamlined, visually engaging dining experience that delights restaurant staff members and streamlines your operations.

Menus Splits Customers

Effortless Bill Splitting: Simplify Checkouts Your Way!

In our POS system, we've redefined the art of bill splitting. Whether it's a straightforward split between friends or a complex arrangement with special requests, our system handles it all with ease.

With user-friendly features, you can effortlessly divide checks, making services with any group a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and hello to the flexibility and convenience of our bill splitting capabilities, ensuring your customers leave with smiles, not headaches.

Menus Splits Customers

Effortless Customer Management

Adding customers to orders in our POS system is a breeze. A simple tap and they're integrated, ensuring personalized service and order tracking. Plus, with our backend Dineout Partner system, invoicing becomes a streamlined process.

Restaurants can easily offer invoicing options to select customers, simplifying the dining experience and building customer loyalty. It's all about making things smooth for both your staff and valued patrons.

Main features

Offline support

Our POS system supports offline mode, enabling restaurants to continue serving customers even when internet connectivity is lost. With offline support, restaurants can continue to process orders, payments, and reservations, ensuring a seamless dining experience for their customers.

Booking management

Our POS system includes robust booking management capabilities, allowing restaurants to easily manage reservations, waiting lists, and table assignments. With booking management, restaurants can optimize table utilization, improve staff efficiency, and enhance the overall dining experience for their customers.

Orders and payments

Our POS system enables servers to quickly and easily input orders, split checks, and process payments, streamlining the ordering and payment process for both customers and staff. With orders and payments, restaurants can enhance their customers' experience, improve staff productivity, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Daily settlements

Our POS system provides daily settlement reports, allowing managers to reconcile cash and credit card transactions, track revenue trends, and generate detailed financial reports. With daily settlements, restaurants can gain valuable insights into their financial performance and make informed business decisions.


Our POS system seamlessly integrates with printers and cashiers, enabling restaurants to efficiently manage their operations. With printer and cashier integrations, restaurants can easily print orders and receipts, manage cash flow, and optimize staff workflows. It also integrates with various accounting systems, the main ones are DK in Iceland and E-conomic in Denmark.

Take-away capabilities

Our POS system includes take-away capabilities, allowing restaurants to easily manage take-away orders and payments. With take-away capabilities, restaurants can provide a convenient and efficient take-away service for their customers, while streamlining their take-away operations.

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