Table reservations

Dineout's table reservation system is a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly manage all of a restaurant's bookings. Not only does it instantly track and record reservations, but it also provides real-time updates. Every month, nearly 600,000 guests dine through Dineout solutions in Iceland and Denmark.

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Tailor-Made Reservations: Your Restaurant, Your Rules

Empower your restaurant with complete control over online bookings through our powerful Booking Rules feature.

Customize every aspect, from flexible opening hours to booking fees and duration based on guest numbers, enabling you to fully control when people can book online, aligning reservations with your restaurant's unique needs.

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Robust booking page for your customers

Additionally, Dineout goes the extra mile by offering restaurants a customized booking page.

This can be effortlessly integrated into the restaurant's official website, offering guests a convenient and intuitive platform to secure their reservations. This feature not only enhances the customer experience but also reinforces the restaurant's brand presence online.

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Flexible statistics

Gain a competitive edge with our dynamic statistics feature. Managers can easily set up personalized statistic dashboards, keeping them constantly informed about critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their business.

Stay ahead of the curve, make data-driven decisions, and watch your restaurant thrive!

Main features

Real-time availability

The system updates table availability in real time, ensuring that there's no double-booking and that staff can quickly see which tables are available or reserved.

User-friendly interface

The interface is intuitive and easy to use for customers making reservations and staff managing those reservations. This reduces the learning curve for staff and encourages more customers to book online.

POS integration

To create a seamless operation, the table reservation is able to integrate with Dineout's point-of-sale system. This can help align operations, understand customer preferences, and optimize table turnovers.

Customer database

The reservation system stores customer data securely, allowing restaurants to track customer preferences, dining history, special requests, and more. This enables personalized service, which can enhance the guest experience significantly.

Notifications and reminders

Automatic notifications and reminders for both customers and staff can reduce no-shows. This can be through email or SMS reminders sent to customers a day or a few hours before their reservation and after their visit to get customer feedback.

Reporting and analytics

Dineout's backend system, Partner, can generate reports on reservation trends, peak dining times, frequent diners, and other useful metrics that offer valuable insights. These insights can be used to make informed decisions about staffing, marketing promotions, or menu changes.

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